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Smith & Associates is an expert information technology (IT) consulting firm that specializes in providing support to companies and organizations facing a critical IT challenge and in need of IT Crisis Management. That challenge could be a critical infrastructure migration, a major business disruption such as a merger or divestiture, a key project or IT department not meeting expectations, a change in personnel, or a change in business direction that requires “fresh eyes” from outside the company.  Our approach addresses People, Process, Data and Technology issues.

Our value proposition:

  • Each of our associates is a former CIO or CTO for brand name companies, and has been responsible for the successful turnarounds and completion of major IT projects throughout the world.  In our profiles you will see that we have held executive-level IT leadership positions at major corporations such as McKesson, Monsanto, Verizon, Xerox, KeySpan Energy, CitiBank, Nortel, Sithe Energy, CSX, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.  We have also led Venture Capital startups and have worked in Private Equity.
  • Because we each have 25+ years of experience, we can give you a frank assessment of your IT Crisis situation quickly, as well as detail your options and solutions.  Our IT Interim leadership services are completed in a timely manner to ensure delivered results.
  • We are all “hands-on” technologists and leaders.  We commit to doing the work ourselves.
  • We are independent of vendor bias—we have worked well with most of the major vendors.

We offer expert services in four key areas:

Our primary industries of expertise include: Airline, Travel, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, IT, Manufacturing, Non-profit and Government, Retail, Telecommunications.

Our domain expertise includes: infrastructure and operations; system performance; package implementation; large scale system design, development and implementation; networks and communications systems; security; IT finance; IT organization—people, structures, culture—change management; and IT technology-based new products and ventures.

To learn more about IT Crisis Management and our other various services, call us (1-415-305-7952). We are here to help you through any major IT issue your company is facing.