Case studies and success stories

By Industry

Our associates have both depth and breadth of IT experience—individually and working together as a team. Below is a sample list of current and former projects our experts have undertaken and successfully completed.

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Enterprise Package Implementation
Enterprise Technology Planning
Ascendra (pdf)
New IT Product Service Assessment
IT M&A Support
IT M&A Planning and Support
Caterpillar (pdf)
Strategic Technology Planning
Cendant (pdf)
Major Corporate Divestiture
IT Operations Assessment
System Performance Crisis Intervention
Enporion.com (pdf)
Technology Venture (innovation)
IT Six Sigma Performance Optimizations
IT Performance Certification Assessments
IT Security Intervention and Outsourcing Contract Restructuring
In-q-tel (pdf)
Technology Innovation and Venture Capital
CIO Role
McKesson Corp (pdf)
CIO Role
High Availability Disaster Recovery
IT Leadership Team Development
Technology Venture (Invention)
MyHomeKey.com (pdf)
Technology Venture (Innovation)
NHS, London (pdf)
Building Culture to Drive Improved Health Outcomes
NHS, UK (pdf)
Enterprise System Development and Deployment
NHS, UK (pdf)
Large Scale Culture Change Management
Enterprise System Development and Deployment
Enterprise System Development and Deployment
Tetra Pak (pdf)
Enterprise System Implementation--Culture Change
Receiving Binning Shipping Operations Simulation System
Technology Planning and Selection
IT Planning, Development and Implementation
Accounts Payable System Design and Development
Utility.net (pdf)
SmartGrid Products and Services Technology Venture (Invention and Innovation)
Utility.net (pdf)
Telecommunications--Rural Broadband Technology Venture (Invention and Innovation)
Verizon (pdf)
IT Merger Planning
Verizon (pdf)
Major Customer Rating, Billing and Delivery System—Crisis Management Effort
Verizon (pdf)
Operational Reliability and System Performance Assessments