Meet our exerpienced team of experts


Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith is an information technology expert and experienced business leader.

She has senior executive experience as a CIO in the airline, energy, health care, telecommunications, manufacturing, and consulting industries, and with federal agencies.  She specializes in providing Interim IT leadership and crisis management support to companies that want to take their IT (people, processes, technologies) to strategic competitive levels, or for companies facing a major “one-time” IT-related events, such as a large corporate acquisition or divesture.  She has been responsible for the successful turnaround and completion of critical IT projects for organizations around the world.  Most recently she was the EVP and Interim CIO of WestJet Airlines, the 2nd largest Canadian airline, responsible for transforming the company’s IT applications, operations, and infrastructure into one of the most technologically advanced in the airline industry.  She also was the Interim CIO for Cendant, responsible for the design of the breakup of that corporation’s IT capabilities to support 4 separate publicly traded companies at the time of divesture. She has held positions as the global CIO at McKesson Corp., the CIO for KeySpan Energy which acquired 4 major energy companies during her tenure, and the VP for Strategic Systems at Verizon. She was the CEO of a technology startup,, which offered Broadband over Power Line (BPL) networks for low cost, high speed broadband for commercial sale in rural areas, and to large electric companies for SmartGrid applications. Ms. Smith’s area of expertise is successfully applying technology to critical business problems and or ensuring that they provide the ROI as committed. She is a key industry “go to” person when an organization is faced with a particularly challenging IT crisis or need—major corporate mergers and acquisitions (4 companies in 4 years at KeySpan) or divestures ($20B corporate split at Cendant); massive organic corporate growth ($40B in 4 years at McKesson); strategic system ‘saves’ (system for 1.3M employees at the NHS in the UK, major customer billing system at Verizon). She is the co-founder of the CIO Institute, a certificate program for senior IT leaders that is taught at 10 major US universities and business schools, and is currently working on a leadership program for frontline IT leaders. She holds both bachelor and master degrees from the Pennsylvania State University.

Allan Levy

Allan Levy has over 25 years experience in IT performance management and more than 10 in systems reengineering.

He has extensive experience in strategic planning, capacity modeling, benchmarking, cost reviews and IT operations. He has conducted more than 50 performance certification, benchmarking and capacity modeling assignments, many resulting in breakthrough performance results for such firms as Nortel, NASD, Bell Atlantic, Fannie Mae, Capital One, MCI, Citibank, State Street Bank, the NYSE, the National Securities Clearing Corporation, JP Morgan, Olivetti, ATT, IBM, Hitachi, Prime Computer, McKesson, Club Med, Merrill Lynch Realty, American Express travel related Services and others. He has developed software products for performance modeling and management including BEST/1, currently marketed by BMC, and ISS3, currently marketed by Computer Associates. His experience spans a wide variety of industries, with concentrations in telecommunications and financial services. Mr. Levy has served as an expert witness on several precedent setting cases on information technology cost/benefit, performance and operations. He is the author of over 20 publications on a variety of IT topics, and is the Past Chairman of the New England Computer Measurement Group. He holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from McGill University, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

Gary Banks

Gary Banks has over 35 years as an IT change agent, most recently in Private Equity doing operational turnarounds though Business Process Redesign enabled by IT.

Mr. Banks has been in Private Equity for the last 10 years.  Most recently as the CIO/Executive in Residence for a $6B fund and before that as the CIO/Partner with a $1.2B fund.  Both invested in distressed industries such as automotive and textiles that were in critical need of restructuring.  He takes a hands-on approach to finding realistic and practical solutions with a total focus on results.   Often under intense pressure, his process is to: #1 face the truth, #2 stabilize the situation and #3 revitalize the company by aligning People, Processes, Data and Technology.

As the Corporate CIO of Xerox he was on the team that implemented a major strategic change for the company - from making black & white, analog, standalone copiers to color, digital, network devices.  His role was to work in the field with Sales to help them meet and understand Xerox’s new customer, the CIO.   He sharply improved internal customer satisfaction with IT by implementing a quality improvement team to manage a troubled EDS outsourcing contract.

At Monsanto he was the IT lead of a very large, and successful, global SAP implementation – thousands of users, 4 distinct business units, 41 plants and 7 languages – all in a single, unmodified model.  Deploying an innovative technical architecture using SAP’s ALE, the project became a showcase of IT enabled business transformation.  He co-founded the SAP Large Implementation Group and worked directly with SAP’s developers in Walldorf.  Previously he was the CIO of Monsanto’s Agricultural Division. 

He was the CIO of Sithe Energies, a de-regulated electricity producer and trader.   At Bristol-Myers Squibb he was the Director, Operations Analysis and Consulting.  He started his career as an Operations Research analyst at Procter & Gamble.

He has served on the Board of Directors of Documentum sold to EMC for $1.6B; Metaldyne, a $2B automotive parts supplier; and Trimas a $1B diversified manufacturer still public (symbol : TRS).  His response to a case study “The Strategy that Wouldn’t Travel” was published in the Harvard Business Review.

He holds a MS in Operations Research from Columbia Graduate School of Engineering, a MA in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Mathematics from Tulane University.

Daniel Crespo-Dubie

Daniel Crespo-Dubie is a senior information technology (IT) leader with a specialty in telecommunications, networks and IT security.

He is an expert in finding and delivering creative technical solutions that create immediate and future competitive advantage. He has senior executive experience as a CIO and Sr. VP of Telecommunications, and has worked in the airline, energy, health care, and telecommunications industries. Daniel specializes in identifying and fixing particularly thorny problems with telco, telecom, network, and Call Center systems and infrastructures. He is an expert at building new next generation infrastructures in these areas that provide companies with substantial short-term and long-term competitive advantage. He is also highly experienced in IT security software and systems. Most recently, he led teams that replaced a major Canadian airline Call Center infrastructure to enable agents to work from home, anywhere in Canada or the US. He designed and was responsible for implementing new IP-based ground-to-air and ‘under the wing’ communication systems for the airline’s Operations Control Center. He worked with a small team from Cisco to replace all of the network infrastructure within the airline’s primary data center, fix the back-up data center networking infrastructure to enable hot-hot high availability, and upgraded all of the telecom systems at the airline’s 89 bases around the world to link to and take advantage of the new capabilities at the data centers. Prior to working at the airline, Daniel was the CIO for a solar energy company. He was the VP of Networks and Technology Operations at a company that provided high speed Internet connections to rural areas using Broadband-over-Power Line (BPL) technologies. His responsibilities included the establishment of a highly responsive Network Operations Center (NOC). Daniel was the VP of Telecom and Network Services at McKesson, a Fortune 14 corporation, leading a team of more than 50 people plus contractors. He started as Senior Technical Engineer and eventually became the General Manager at one of the largest energy companies in the Eastern US. Daniel has an Electrical Engineering degree in Electronics from Buenos Aires University, and a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from Pace University in NYC.

Karl Allen

Karl Allen has 25+ years experience in designing, assessing and developing technology architectures.

He has been the Acting Chief Technology Officer for In-Q-Tel, a technology innovation venture capital company; chief architect of e-collaboration and web discovery programs for the CIA; chief architect for Bell Atlantic's strategic billing and customer care systems; chief architect for imaging systems development for Sigma (now Kodak) and Image Business Systems. His core expertise is as an experienced designer and systems integrator of high-performance computer systems covering a variety of advanced technologies and platforms. He has extensive experience in knowledge management, data warehousing, document imaging systems, advanced search technology and internet/XML applications development; designing and implementing performance certification test labs, and performance engineering achieving order of magnitude performance improvement in such firms as JP Morgan, Hyperion, and Bell Atlantic.

Mr. Allen is considered an industry expert in telecommunications and has substantial experience in the financial services and health care sectors. He has been hired as a consultant to the Las Vegas gaming industry, has been an executive advisor at the Geo-Spatial Data Consortium, and has been a Board Member at Ionic Geo-Spatial Technology, Inc. Mr. Allen holds a B.S. in Computer and Informational Sciences from the University of Massachusetts, and is currently studying for his M.S. in Resource Economics at the University of Massachusetts.

Walt Whalen

Walt Whalen has 30+ years in IT infrastructure and application system development in support of business strategies and objectives.

He was the SVP for Information Systems and Process Innovation for CSX Intermodal, one of the nation's leading transportation companies, providing rail-based transportation services; the COO for Thomson Technology, one of the world’s largest publishers of professional content including West law, Thomson Financial and Petersons; and the CTO and Product Manager for a startup that owned and brought to market a patented process that develops unique electronic negotiable instruments used in high value electronic transactions for home mortgages, equipment leasing and automobile loans.  Walt was a partner with Ernst & Young, concentrating on post-merger data center consolidation and IT integration efforts primarily in the financial services industry (Wachovia Bank, MBNA America Bank, Perpetual Savings Bank, Provident Bank, Swiss Bank). He has also implemented core banking applications that enabled significant bank growth.

Other key clients for which he did IT work have included: AT&T, Bell South, Discover Card, Continental Insurance, Paramount Pictures and Mobil Oil.  Mr. Whalen has a BS in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland, and a MBA from Temple University.  He holds an active CPA license, and is a Certified Valuation Analyst specializing in software valuations.

Arlene Scott

Arlene Scott, Ph.D. is an experienced organizational effectiveness consultant.

She has been the Managing Partner of Change Partners Consulting since 1983. With 25+ years of experience, Dr. Scott responds to a broad cross-section of organizational problems. She architects and executes change strategies and plans that emphasize results, and develops executives and their teams to optimize alignment and capability for leading their organizations. She has specialized in supporting IT enterprise-wide implementations and developing leadership capabilities within IT executive teams. She has worked with Fortune 500 clients across multiple industries including health care, utilities, energy, financial services, telecommunications, consumer products, entertainment, manufacturing and government. She holds a B.A. from the City University of New York, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology from New York University.

Pete Kolovos

Mr. Kolovos is an accomplished Information Technology (IT) professional.

Pete Kolovos has over 25 years of proven experience in project management, Enterprise IT strategy, architecture, design, application development and implementation of technology-based solutions. His specialty is his strong technical experience with Microsoft Technologies including: Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration - Microsoft SharePoint, Unified Communications - Microsoft Lync, email – Microsoft Office 365, cloud – Microsoft Azure, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence (BI), and reporting software tools.