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Gary Banks

Gary Banks has over 35 years as an IT change agent, most recently in Private Equity doing operational turnarounds though Business Process Redesign enabled by IT.

Mr. Banks has been in Private Equity for the last 10 years.  Most recently as the CIO/Executive in Residence for a $6B fund and before that as the CIO/Partner with a $1.2B fund.  Both invested in distressed industries such as automotive and textiles that were in critical need of restructuring.  He takes a hands-on approach to finding realistic and practical solutions with a total focus on results.   Often under intense pressure, his process is to: #1 face the truth, #2 stabilize the situation and #3 revitalize the company by aligning People, Processes, Data and Technology.

As the Corporate CIO of Xerox he was on the team that implemented a major strategic change for the company - from making black & white, analog, standalone copiers to color, digital, network devices.  His role was to work in the field with Sales to help them meet and understand Xerox’s new customer, the CIO.   He sharply improved internal customer satisfaction with IT by implementing a quality improvement team to manage a troubled EDS outsourcing contract.

At Monsanto he was the IT lead of a very large, and successful, global SAP implementation – thousands of users, 4 distinct business units, 41 plants and 7 languages – all in a single, unmodified model.  Deploying an innovative technical architecture using SAP’s ALE, the project became a showcase of IT enabled business transformation.  He co-founded the SAP Large Implementation Group and worked directly with SAP’s developers in Walldorf.  Previously he was the CIO of Monsanto’s Agricultural Division. 

He was the CIO of Sithe Energies, a de-regulated electricity producer and trader.   At Bristol-Myers Squibb he was the Director, Operations Analysis and Consulting.  He started his career as an Operations Research analyst at Procter & Gamble.

He has served on the Board of Directors of Documentum sold to EMC for $1.6B; Metaldyne, a $2B automotive parts supplier; and Trimas a $1B diversified manufacturer still public (symbol : TRS).  His response to a case study “The Strategy that Wouldn’t Travel” was published in the Harvard Business Review.

He holds a MS in Operations Research from Columbia Graduate School of Engineering, a MA in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Mathematics from Tulane University.