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Daniel Crespo-Dubie

Daniel Crespo-Dubie is a senior information technology (IT) leader with a specialty in telecommunications, networks and IT security.

He is an expert in finding and delivering creative technical solutions that create immediate and future competitive advantage. He has senior executive experience as a CIO and Sr. VP of Telecommunications, and has worked in the airline, energy, health care, and telecommunications industries. Daniel specializes in identifying and fixing particularly thorny problems with telco, telecom, network, and Call Center systems and infrastructures. He is an expert at building new next generation infrastructures in these areas that provide companies with substantial short-term and long-term competitive advantage. He is also highly experienced in IT security software and systems. Most recently, he led teams that replaced a major Canadian airline Call Center infrastructure to enable agents to work from home, anywhere in Canada or the US. He designed and was responsible for implementing new IP-based ground-to-air and ‘under the wing’ communication systems for the airline’s Operations Control Center. He worked with a small team from Cisco to replace all of the network infrastructure within the airline’s primary data center, fix the back-up data center networking infrastructure to enable hot-hot high availability, and upgraded all of the telecom systems at the airline’s 89 bases around the world to link to and take advantage of the new capabilities at the data centers. Prior to working at the airline, Daniel was the CIO for a solar energy company. He was the VP of Networks and Technology Operations at a company that provided high speed Internet connections to rural areas using Broadband-over-Power Line (BPL) technologies. His responsibilities included the establishment of a highly responsive Network Operations Center (NOC). Daniel was the VP of Telecom and Network Services at McKesson, a Fortune 14 corporation, leading a team of more than 50 people plus contractors. He started as Senior Technical Engineer and eventually became the General Manager at one of the largest energy companies in the Eastern US. Daniel has an Electrical Engineering degree in Electronics from Buenos Aires University, and a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from Pace University in NYC.