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Karl Allen

Karl Allen has 25+ years experience in designing, assessing and developing technology architectures.

He has been the Acting Chief Technology Officer for In-Q-Tel, a technology innovation venture capital company; chief architect of e-collaboration and web discovery programs for the CIA; chief architect for Bell Atlantic's strategic billing and customer care systems; chief architect for imaging systems development for Sigma (now Kodak) and Image Business Systems. His core expertise is as an experienced designer and systems integrator of high-performance computer systems covering a variety of advanced technologies and platforms. He has extensive experience in knowledge management, data warehousing, document imaging systems, advanced search technology and internet/XML applications development; designing and implementing performance certification test labs, and performance engineering achieving order of magnitude performance improvement in such firms as JP Morgan, Hyperion, and Bell Atlantic.

Mr. Allen is considered an industry expert in telecommunications and has substantial experience in the financial services and health care sectors. He has been hired as a consultant to the Las Vegas gaming industry, has been an executive advisor at the Geo-Spatial Data Consortium, and has been a Board Member at Ionic Geo-Spatial Technology, Inc. Mr. Allen holds a B.S. in Computer and Informational Sciences from the University of Massachusetts, and is currently studying for his M.S. in Resource Economics at the University of Massachusetts.