IT Crisis Management
Expert Intervention to Resolve an IT Crisis

IT Crisis Management

“Our problems are man-made, therefore they can be solved by man.” John F. Kennedy, after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

When an IT team is in the middle of a crisis, it is usually very difficult to identify the cause of the problem let alone the solution.  In most cases, the team is simply too close to the systems to be able to view their problems, or potential problems, and impacts objectively. In other cases, the pressures from the business to resolve the issues “immediately or else,” placing jobs and careers in jeopardy, cause defensive reactions, making it even more difficult to be objective.  And often individuals who have spent a large portion of their career in a single organization or within a single industry simply haven’t experienced the depth and breadth of problems that technology can, and has, caused throughout the world.  

For the past 10 years our associates have been called in or hired specifically because of their experience, expertise, and skill in identifying and resolving major system and technology problems that have reached crisis proportion.  We leave behind the methods and procedures that help ensure that your organization doesn’t experience a major IT crisis again—at least not on your watch. 

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Our associates are expert at problem identification, assessment, resolution, and crisis management support; project turnarounds; recommending and implementing remedies that have been proven to work.