Large Cost Overruns

IT budget overruns occur for multiple reasons—too many emergencies, major project delays, outsourcing contractual issues, mismanagement, underfunding, over staffing, etc.

Is your IT organization experiencing large cost overruns?
Are the overruns associated with major project delays?
If yes, what is a realistic estimate to complete? Are there any options?
If not, what are the causes of the overruns? Are there benefits associated with them?
What are industry standard and/or best practice numbers and how does your IT organization compare?
Answers to these questions provide the senior management team with the information that it needs to make solid corporate decisions about its IT expenditures. For example did you know that there are “rules of thumb” in terms of how much today’s corporation typically spends on IT? Knowing your numbers and comparing them to industry standards sheds light on what otherwise may appear to be difficult decisions.