Significant Project Delays

Most organizations experience a major IT project implementation at least once in the tenure of a senior executive team.

Implementing a major new customer care, billing, sales, financial or logistics system typically succeeds or fails based on the experience and expertise of the IT project leader.

Is your organization experiencing a significant project delay on a critical IT project or effort?

  • Are the reasons for the delay(s) well understood?
  • Is it the project leadership? 
  • The project plan or design? 
  • Staff skills? 
  • Amount of user involvement at the right times, in the right ways?
  •  Detailed understanding of the technology(ies) involved? 
  • What is a realistic date for delivery?  How is that date determined? 
  • What are the real options for management consideration?

The answers to these questions provide your executive management team with the information that it needs to make good decisions—and put management back in control.