Strategic IT Rightsizing

Many companies are using this period of economic recession to create “A teams” that will be in place and ready to move the organization quickly forward as the economy strengthens.

Does your organization need to strategically rightsize its IT organization?
Is the rightsizing effort actually downsizing for cost reduction purposes based on business conditions?
If yes, is downsizing being done in a way that will do no harm to the business? Is it being done legally?
If not, what criteria should be used to ensure that the rightsizing is strategic?
Is the goal to create an A team?
If not, what are the goals and how will they be met?
An understanding of what the industry standards are for…say…the number of servers an operator is expected to support today in comparison with what your IT organization experiences goes a long way to understanding the level of efficiency and effectiveness of your IT organization. Find out the facts and know how to rightsize your IT.