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How to Build and Operate a “Bulletproof” IT Infrastructure


At the end of 2002, the nation’s fourth largest insurance company told its investors that it had “stumbled badly” on its IT transformation effort,

explaining why it was posting a $445M net loss for the first nine months, had lost 6% of its customer base that  year (almost 1 million members), and had more bad news to come in 2003.  “Unfortunately, we have not executed well [on IT transformation],” confessed the new president.

On a smaller scale, the board of directors of a small but rapidly growing government contracting company approved an Oracle financial system implementation for $3M (hardware, software and services). Three years later the price is nearing $13M and the system is not yet deployed. 

Regardless of the size of the effort, if the system is critical to your company don’t let this happen to you. 

Major enterprise-wide system implementations offer great benefits to a company—on paper. The challenge for your organization is to achieve the paper benefits in reality. Although the industry is based on computer science, today’s successful technology implementations remain a highly skilled art. The amount of computer code that never goes into production is astounding, studies showing figures greater than 90%. The cost of major systems is all too often two or three times the original estimates—at times spectacularly higher. Our associates have been responsible for dozens of major IT project ‘turnarounds,’ experience that has given them the skills and insights required to do major IT projects right—the first time. Smith & Associates can help you BEFORE YOU START WRITING THE BIG CHECKS!

Is your organization planning a: 

If you are, Smith & Associates can help. Our associates have successfully undertaken not just one or two but dozens of projects such as these. They are experienced designers, and planners, but most importantly implementers, combining IT experience with IT innovation. They are renowned for cost and performance assessment, and have developed expert methods for controls reviews and recommendations.